Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Bundy Bloodline

Post by: Anthony Brae

The Bundy family bloodline has the dubious privilege of belonging to 13 of the most influential bloodlines in the world.  Further inspection of these families offers explanation for many, if not all, the woes piled upon the inhabitants of earth.  The ill intent is underestimated in its scope, and by examining the history and connections of these bloodlines, one can begin to fully understand the dire consequences we as a collective whole have to face.

The Bundys (no MARRIED WITH CHILDREN jokes, please) have very strong ties to Yale's Skull & Bones secret society.  McGeorge "Mac" Bundy (1919-1996) rose to the unprecedented position of advisor to both JFK and Lyndon Johnson, deciding what information the presidents received, and what they didn't.  McGeorge can legitimately be blamed for reckless involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War.

Eric Bundy proves to be an interesting case in that he's credited as being the man "in charge" of Howard Hughes after Hughes' kidnapping in 1957.  The sinister deed was put into effect by the Onassis family (another of the 13 Bloodlines) through their mafia subsidiaries, and the plot went so far as to have two Hughes lookalikes posing as the billionaire at public events.  All of this can be learned by reading Fritz Springmeier's BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI.

Most interesting of all are the implications that famed serial killer Ted Bundy (1946-1989) was related to the Bundy Bloodline.  Albeit he was adopted, he bore similar interests to the elite Bundys by lending his ardent support for Nelson Rockefeller (yet another one of the 13 Bloodlines).  Rockefeller's 1968 campaign for President of the United States saw Ted acting as Campaign Manager.  Another indication of his bloodline connection may lie in the occult, using the term "The Force" to describe his urge for murder, a proclamation known to be uttered by the elite occultists during one of their nefarious rituals.  This was also before the movie STAR WARS popularized the term.

A quote that links Ted Bundy to Satanism (many claim Ted to be a victim of Monarch Programming, which incorporates Satanic Ritual Abuse), from Henry Makow's website:

"The official mainstream story is that Bundy was a criminal genius who managed to elude capture for at least six years, and probably more.  The story and evidence ran much deeper than what was in the press.  Still, during the 1980's media wasn't completely controlled, and local newspapers released bits of information that have been swept under the rug ever since.   In the Spokane Daily Chronicle - Feb 3, 1976, there was an Associated Press  article 'POLICE FILE HINTS AT THE OCCULT'.  The article said a Seattle occult crimes division folder called 'File 1004' connected 'A Satanic cannibal murder in Montana' to 'the disappearance of Northwest women in Oregon and Washington'.  File 1004 contained reports from several 'tipsters; about a man named Ted who held cult meetings, talked about the occult and Devil worship, and set up strange shrines in the forest'.  One witness said Ted was a 'Jesus freak'.   The mix of devout Mormonism and secret life of Satanic acts, the name Ted, and the fact that the disappeared women referred to by the Spokane Daily Chronicle later turned out to be some of Bundy's victims.  File 1004 has long since vanished."

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The Collins Bloodline

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Post by: Anthony Brae

Of course what would a look at the elite Collins Bloodline be without the consideration of film and TV actress Joan Collins' involvement.  The accompanying picture is from an 80s Vanity Fair spread where she transformed herself into Queen Elizabeth the First.  The look, although different from her usual, harkens of profound aristocracy via royalty.  This could be closer to the truth than one might think.

Then there's Pastor Johnny Todd, who is related to the Collins family through the Todd family.  (The Todds are of high enough influence that they are barely excluded from the 13 elite bloodlines.)  Johnny Todd confessed to being formerly of the Grand Druid Council of the Illuminati, and he preached about the dangers of the encroaching New World Order.  That is until he was framed and imprisoned.

The Collins, along with certain other bloodlines, run everything.  And I mean everything.  What's important to know is how they have not only instigated war, but infiltrated the opposition as well.  Read more about the Collins and the rest of them in Fritz Springmeier's THE BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI.

And how about Suzanne Collins, author of THE HUNGER GAMES?  She lives in Newton, CT; her books are about children killing children, which is a common practice in Satanic rituals (read THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL)...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Astor Bloodline

Post by: Anthony Brae


Understanding the Illuminati is incomplete without understanding the elite 13 Bloodlines.  They are the movers and shakers of the world, and they mostly operate far away from public scrutiny.  For centuries, if not thousands of years, these bloodlines have molded our society according to an agenda unfathomable to most.

One of these bloodlines is the Astor family.  In the 19th century, they dominated New York City through the selling of furs, opium trafficking, banking, and real estate.  The 20th century saw the Astors gracing London society through their ties to the Masons, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (the British equivalent to the Council on Foreign Relations), the Pilgrim Society, and the Group' (Britain's version of the Skull & Bones secret society).

In the book BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI, Fritz Springmeier examines the Astor bloodline, digging underneath common public information to reveal the crude objectives of the Astors, beginning with John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) arriving in New York at 21 years of age.  What follows is a rise to success that can only be realistically attributed to connections held in the established occult circles of Germany (his former home) and England (where he spent time on his way to the United States).  (To his credit, however, John Jacob went down with the Titanic; eliminating one of the strongest opposing forces toward the Federal Reserve.)  Today, the Astor fortune is thought to be dwindling, but Mr. Springmeier claims it to be in the vicinity of $40 billion.

And an amusing article from New York Magazine that explains the impetus for the original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, and also shows the zeal the Astors had for New York society, as well as the spite.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Madonna Factor

This is driving me crazy, I have to write it down. Madonna's latest CD has been sitting on my coffee table for weeks now and, although its presence disturbs me, I won't move it out of sight. I am darkly fascinated by the CD case's visuals. The same applies to the bus billboards I've been seeing all summer promoting the televization of the CD's year-long tour. Both the CD and subsequent tour are named MDNA, an acronym for the singer's name as well as a reference to the club drug Ecstacy.

Let's start with the CD case. In the world of CIA mind control, there is a program called MK ULTRA, or Monarch Programming. Through severe trauma, a victim's personality is split, thus providing a blank-slate alter ripe for programming. This can be done over and over, creating multiple alters every time. This means the individual ultimately possesses a slew of different personalities, each programmed and trained for different purposes. Human products of this systematic torture range from assassins to singers and rappers, to movie stars and even porn actors. This is where Madonna and the CD case come in.

The predominant images used for the promotion and sale of MDNA are cloaked in what seems to be the kind of distortion one may experience while looking through a translucent shower curtain. More specifically, the images are designed to have vertical lines that blur the contoures of Miss Ciconne's features. The effect is unnerving, a feeling I squelched upon initial viewing, some time before delving into the rabbit hole of CIA mind-control. These unnerving "splits" in the photograph would indicate Madonna's MK ULTRA background. There are other conspiracy believers that would agree this is indeed the case. Now, how did a courageous fighter for life and equality end up being an MK ULTRA case? Beats the hell out of me, so far.

Then there's the bus poster. WHY is she chained up? She defended having the same thing done in her Express Yourself video, but now something is definitely awry. I saw the MDNA tour when it came to town and I do not remember her being chained up at all, but then again I also glossed over its overtly occult staging, since I hadn't yet come into my understanding of the occultist Elite. Regardless, the poster is an alarming portrayal of what an MK ULTRA victim has to endure.

SIDE NOTES: Notice the triangular shape of her arms on the CD case, mimicking the Masonic Pyramid. She's also wearing that damn bright red used in everything to symbolize the main color for Black Mass. In the bus poster, the large globe behind her could certainly be the All-Seeing Eye, surveilling the proceedings. Madge's blank stare is indicative of the trance state affected during the disassociation process required to establish multiple personalities, and always by using severe trauma as a means to this end.