Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Madonna Factor

This is driving me crazy, I have to write it down. Madonna's latest CD has been sitting on my coffee table for weeks now and, although its presence disturbs me, I won't move it out of sight. I am darkly fascinated by the CD case's visuals. The same applies to the bus billboards I've been seeing all summer promoting the televization of the CD's year-long tour. Both the CD and subsequent tour are named MDNA, an acronym for the singer's name as well as a reference to the club drug Ecstacy.

Let's start with the CD case. In the world of CIA mind control, there is a program called MK ULTRA, or Monarch Programming. Through severe trauma, a victim's personality is split, thus providing a blank-slate alter ripe for programming. This can be done over and over, creating multiple alters every time. This means the individual ultimately possesses a slew of different personalities, each programmed and trained for different purposes. Human products of this systematic torture range from assassins to singers and rappers, to movie stars and even porn actors. This is where Madonna and the CD case come in.

The predominant images used for the promotion and sale of MDNA are cloaked in what seems to be the kind of distortion one may experience while looking through a translucent shower curtain. More specifically, the images are designed to have vertical lines that blur the contoures of Miss Ciconne's features. The effect is unnerving, a feeling I squelched upon initial viewing, some time before delving into the rabbit hole of CIA mind-control. These unnerving "splits" in the photograph would indicate Madonna's MK ULTRA background. There are other conspiracy believers that would agree this is indeed the case. Now, how did a courageous fighter for life and equality end up being an MK ULTRA case? Beats the hell out of me, so far.

Then there's the bus poster. WHY is she chained up? She defended having the same thing done in her Express Yourself video, but now something is definitely awry. I saw the MDNA tour when it came to town and I do not remember her being chained up at all, but then again I also glossed over its overtly occult staging, since I hadn't yet come into my understanding of the occultist Elite. Regardless, the poster is an alarming portrayal of what an MK ULTRA victim has to endure.

SIDE NOTES: Notice the triangular shape of her arms on the CD case, mimicking the Masonic Pyramid. She's also wearing that damn bright red used in everything to symbolize the main color for Black Mass. In the bus poster, the large globe behind her could certainly be the All-Seeing Eye, surveilling the proceedings. Madge's blank stare is indicative of the trance state affected during the disassociation process required to establish multiple personalities, and always by using severe trauma as a means to this end.


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