Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Bundy Bloodline

Post by: Anthony Brae

The Bundy family bloodline has the dubious privilege of belonging to 13 of the most influential bloodlines in the world.  Further inspection of these families offers explanation for many, if not all, the woes piled upon the inhabitants of earth.  The ill intent is underestimated in its scope, and by examining the history and connections of these bloodlines, one can begin to fully understand the dire consequences we as a collective whole have to face.

The Bundys (no MARRIED WITH CHILDREN jokes, please) have very strong ties to Yale's Skull & Bones secret society.  McGeorge "Mac" Bundy (1919-1996) rose to the unprecedented position of advisor to both JFK and Lyndon Johnson, deciding what information the presidents received, and what they didn't.  McGeorge can legitimately be blamed for reckless involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War.

Eric Bundy proves to be an interesting case in that he's credited as being the man "in charge" of Howard Hughes after Hughes' kidnapping in 1957.  The sinister deed was put into effect by the Onassis family (another of the 13 Bloodlines) through their mafia subsidiaries, and the plot went so far as to have two Hughes lookalikes posing as the billionaire at public events.  All of this can be learned by reading Fritz Springmeier's BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI.

Most interesting of all are the implications that famed serial killer Ted Bundy (1946-1989) was related to the Bundy Bloodline.  Albeit he was adopted, he bore similar interests to the elite Bundys by lending his ardent support for Nelson Rockefeller (yet another one of the 13 Bloodlines).  Rockefeller's 1968 campaign for President of the United States saw Ted acting as Campaign Manager.  Another indication of his bloodline connection may lie in the occult, using the term "The Force" to describe his urge for murder, a proclamation known to be uttered by the elite occultists during one of their nefarious rituals.  This was also before the movie STAR WARS popularized the term.

A quote that links Ted Bundy to Satanism (many claim Ted to be a victim of Monarch Programming, which incorporates Satanic Ritual Abuse), from Henry Makow's website:

"The official mainstream story is that Bundy was a criminal genius who managed to elude capture for at least six years, and probably more.  The story and evidence ran much deeper than what was in the press.  Still, during the 1980's media wasn't completely controlled, and local newspapers released bits of information that have been swept under the rug ever since.   In the Spokane Daily Chronicle - Feb 3, 1976, there was an Associated Press  article 'POLICE FILE HINTS AT THE OCCULT'.  The article said a Seattle occult crimes division folder called 'File 1004' connected 'A Satanic cannibal murder in Montana' to 'the disappearance of Northwest women in Oregon and Washington'.  File 1004 contained reports from several 'tipsters; about a man named Ted who held cult meetings, talked about the occult and Devil worship, and set up strange shrines in the forest'.  One witness said Ted was a 'Jesus freak'.   The mix of devout Mormonism and secret life of Satanic acts, the name Ted, and the fact that the disappeared women referred to by the Spokane Daily Chronicle later turned out to be some of Bundy's victims.  File 1004 has long since vanished."

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  1. I have suspected there was a valuable connection between Ted and the political Bundys. Thank you for this enlightening info.