Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Collins Bloodline

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Post by: Anthony Brae

Of course what would a look at the elite Collins Bloodline be without the consideration of film and TV actress Joan Collins' involvement.  The accompanying picture is from an 80s Vanity Fair spread where she transformed herself into Queen Elizabeth the First.  The look, although different from her usual, harkens of profound aristocracy via royalty.  This could be closer to the truth than one might think.

Then there's Pastor Johnny Todd, who is related to the Collins family through the Todd family.  (The Todds are of high enough influence that they are barely excluded from the 13 elite bloodlines.)  Johnny Todd confessed to being formerly of the Grand Druid Council of the Illuminati, and he preached about the dangers of the encroaching New World Order.  That is until he was framed and imprisoned.

The Collins, along with certain other bloodlines, run everything.  And I mean everything.  What's important to know is how they have not only instigated war, but infiltrated the opposition as well.  Read more about the Collins and the rest of them in Fritz Springmeier's THE BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI.

And how about Suzanne Collins, author of THE HUNGER GAMES?  She lives in Newton, CT; her books are about children killing children, which is a common practice in Satanic rituals (read THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL)...

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